‘Coco le Voile’ Deluxe Headpiece by Divalicious | Ivory, Green, Brandy & Black



Product Description

Divalicious Headpieces are worn with a head band that is easy to hide, easy to wear and very comfortable.

‘Coco le Voile’ is a Divalicious Veil Headpiece.

Colours: Ivory, brandy and olive green velvet flowers on a black Alice headband approximately 1.3cm wide with black lace veil (le voile) sweeping across your face. The veil has been designed to not touch your face and eyelashes. Features an amber / gold diamante set of kitty ears……purrrrrr. Super comfy to wear!

A gorgeous piece for a Masquerade Ball x

Divalicious is the decadent boudoir that is home to Headpiece Designer Sarah Homburg. With a fan base of hundreds of divas, the Divalicious Headpieces have captured the attention of the fashion world with their vintage Parisian styled ‘one off’ feathery creations.

Each headpiece is lovingly named to reflect her character and story. Sarah insists on individuality. “Each design is as unique as the diva who loves her. No diva shall suffer the fashion faux pas of seeing another piece quite like hers on anyone else, anywhere in the world!”