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20 Feb 2019
Festival Ready with Divalicious Head Candy
The Festival Season is heating up and so is Divalicious at HQ! Lots of new Festival Headpieces are being ...
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27 Apr 2018
‘The Nightside of Eden’ featuring ‘Divalicious Head Candy’
When one lives in the Whitsundays, you are spoilt daily with views of azure seas, super yachts and tropical ...
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13 May 2017
Divalicious Headbands ooze pure opulence this Autumn
Divalicious Headbands ooze pure opulence this Autumn Racing Carnival. Luxurious Flower Headbands and Crowns remain a firm staple this ...
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17 May 2016
New Giftware has arrived at Divalicious HQ!!
Divalicious, not just famous for the ‘Divalicious Fascinators’, has always been known to sell very ‘cool shit’ from all ...
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