Festival Ready with Divalicious Head Candy

The Festival Season is heating up and so is Divalicious at HQ! Lots of new Festival Headpieces are being designed featuring striking feathers and beautiful chains and jewels. Each piece is totally unique so no need to worry about anyone else wearing your style \m/

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‘Phoenix Fox’ Juliette Headband by Divalicious | Tan, Black, Orange, Chocolate Brown & Gold

‘The Gypsy Belle of Wistow’ Juliette Headband by Divalicious | Tan, Black, Gold, Mustard Yellow, Ivory & Gold

‘Gypsy Paradise’ Deluxe Headpiece by Divalicious | Pink, Turquoise, White, Gold & Tan

‘Gypsiana Savannah’ Deluxe Feather Headpiece by Divalicious | Red, Turquoise & Tan

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